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ABC's of Prenatal Fitness

ABC's of Prenatal Fitness

The ABC'S of Prenatal Fitness is a program created by BABY for busy women. The program provides women of varying exercise backgrounds, the tools they need, to exercise throughout their pregnancy -- outside of the classroom setting.

The program's à la carte style allows women to select from a variety of safe and effective exercises based on how they feel and how much time they have. It is specifically designed for: 


  • Convenience

  • Portability

  • Flexibility

The ABC'S unique concept guides women through the critical process of becoming Aware of how they feel, both mentally and physically. After self-assessment, women will be ready to choose from a variety of safe and effective Balance, Cardio and Strength training exercise components. 

B.A.B.Y. Prenatal Fitness Poster
Pregnant woman practicing abdominal hiss

"The best part about working with B.AB.Y. was that I was given the tools I needed to make my decisions throughout my pregnancy and delivery. I was in control and it felt great!"

~ Michelle, Stamford 

"The Labor and Delivery Nurses couldn't believe that I knew which muscles to use while pushing, especially for a first time mom!" 

~ Betsy, New Canaan 

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