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Personal and small group training

Personal Training and Small Group Classes


We welcome all levels of fitness, from beginners to serious athletes. Our focus is to provide physical and mental strengthening tools essential for a healthy pregnancy, postpartum period or beyond.  BABY will customize a program that best suits your needs. We will work with our clients either one on one or in a small group setting. Training can be done in the comfort of your home (we bring the equipment) or at a training studio in Norwalk.


Some example include:



  • Initial assessment and ABC’S of Prenatal Fitness overview and implementation

  • Trimester reviews of what to focus on as the pregnancy progresses

  • On-going sessions including exercises that can be done anytime, anywhere



  • 4-6 week postpartum assessment , including exercises to help get back to your pre-pregnant shape (most specifically balance, core stabilization and strength)

  • On-going sessions for mom (and baby) including fun interactive exercises to do at home



  • Initial assessment and exercise prescription  for moving forward on a continuous basis or one time consultation

  • Customized programming for weight loss and metabolism burning, strength training and injury prevention


Call the BABY expert of Fairfield county at 203-221-0163 for fees and scheduling information.

new moms strength training while balancing on bosu
New moms practice balance with baby

"Had my first session with Jamie when I was 4 months pregnant, in tandem with another expecting friend. Nine years later and years past pregnancy, I'm still devoted and addicted to Jamie's workouts! Jamie Levine is truly a trainer of both pre AND post pregnancy. She got me through two pregnancies and life beyond, mind-body-and soul! She has become a staple in my life.”


~ Rebecca C, Westport, CT

"Although we were in a group class, Jamie Levine took personal interest in my weight loss and health goals. She has motivated me to continue to work on my own with the principles and exercises that she taught.”


~ Amanda, Stamford, CT

"I finally decided I needed to take control of my body and lose weight.  I knew Jamie would help me refocus my workouts by adding a high intensity interval workout program along with core strengthening.  She knows how to keep me on track. Since working together, I’ve lost 20lbs!!"


~  Randie W., Weston, CT

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