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Jamie Levine speaking to a moms group

consulting and Speaking engagements

Jamie Levine, ACE - Certified Prenatal  and Postnatal Personal Trainer and ACBE-Certified Childbirth Educator is available to speak to professional organizations, physicians practices, corporations, and even moms groups. Topics covered include:


  • Postural, hormonal, and physiological changes that occur during pregnancy

  • Benefits of exercise during pregnancy and postpartum

  • Contraindications of exercise during pregnancy

  • Special exercises to practice during pregnancy including the ABC’S of Prenatal Fitness

  • Demonstrations of exercises for moms and babies to practice together


BABY is also available to work with corporations introducing their BABY Corporate Wellness Initiative – a confidential, turn-key prenatal wellness program for pregnant employees.  Statistically, these women are more productive and can positively impact healthcare spending when engaged in a comprehensive fitness program.


Call the BABY expert of Fairfield county at 203-221-0163 for more information.

jamie levine meeting with doctors office

"Defining a person is often a difficult thing until you see their passion for something. It shows in their eyes, their heart, and in their knowledge. People find a niche and Jamie Levine has hers.  It’s present with her in depth knowledge and understanding of pre and postnatal fitness. You can read guidelines and workouts but the finite details you get from experience. Jamie has that. She has a wealth of knowledge, wisdom , experience and a calm demeanor. She is a true entrepreneur and I highly recommend her." 


~ Kristen Robinson

Director, National Personal Training Institute

"Jamie Levine has been speaking to the Moms Group at our Pediatric Office for 4 years. She explains and discusses postpartum issues with the moms, and has a deep understanding of the changes their bodies have gone through during pregnancy and afterward. She gives the women goals and fitness tools that they need to get back into their pre-baby shape. The exercises she teaches can be done anytime, anywhere!! She is extremely knowledgeable, experienced and hands on. Jamie is a gem to have on board with us and the moms feel very comfortable working with her." 


~ Leslie Marshall, MSW

The Center For Advanced Pediatrics

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